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Stalins diplomat i Sverige överlevde trots sin ohälsa

Conversation with editors Maria Lind, Michele Masucci, and Joanna Warsza following a postponed book launch at e-flux for Red Love: a  The Soviet Union had some problems, but one thing they got right was space art. That's why there's nothing better than this gallery of adorable and awe-inspiring  Red Love: A Reader on Alexandra Kollontai | 1st edition. By Agneta Pleijel. Price from: 263 SEK. Available as: New. Buy. Kvinnans ställning i den ekonomiska  8,49.

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The Autobiography of a Sexually Emancipated Communist Woman (1926) Contexto: If I have attained something in this world, it was not my personal qualities that originally brought this about. Rather my achievements are only a symbol of the fact that woman, after all, is already on the march to general recognition. Bolshevism, the Woman Question, and Aleksandra Kollontai 295 her penchant to concentrate on the problems of women, an emphasis that theoretically they need not have feared, if the situation of women, rather than being divisive, was to serve as a measure of the moral level of a newly structured society.7 Instead, Alexandra married her cousin Vladimir Kollontai in 1893, after a tour of Western Europe failed to cure her of a love her mother disapproved of. She became pregnant soon … Alix Holt (editor), Selected Writings of Alexandra Kollontai (Norton paperback, 1980) Cathy Porter, Alexandra Kollontai – A Biography (Haymarket paperback, 2014) Online articles – The Alexandra Kollontai article in Wikipedia is very thorough. Anne McShane for Jacobin, “Women at the Heart of the Revolution,” Aug, 2019. As a way of working toward an answer, I want to reread the Russian revolutionary Alexandra Kollontai’s ideas about love and sexuality. How we reread Kollontai today raises questions not only about the revolutionary value of her work but also about the historicity of our own reading.

Book release of "Red Love: A Reader on Alexandra Kollontai

They’re destroying me! They’re killing me!” Footsteps, male voices.

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Pehmeäkantinen. 43,95 €. Red Love: A Reader on Alexandra Kollontai. Pehmeäkantinen Agneta Pleijel. 32,95 €. sQFetT!

Aleksandra kollontai

She became arguably the most influential female in the new Soviet society.
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Aleksandra kollontai

Alexandra Mikhaílovna Kollontaj (fædd Alexandra Domontóvitsj; 31. mars 1872 – 9. mars 1952) var marxísk byltingarkona úr röðum mensévika og síðan bolsévika frá árinu 1915. Á árunum 1917–1918 var Kollontaj þjóðfulltrúi heilbrigðismála í ríkisstjórn bolsévika eftir rússnesku byltinguna.

Price from: 263 SEK. Available as: New. Buy. Kvinnans ställning i den ekonomiska  8,49.
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Red Love: a reader on Alexandra Kollontai - e-flux podcast

Vid en ålder av 45 tog Alexandra Mikhailovna Kollontai en ordförande i den första sovjetregeringen. För hennes ögon, ibland kallad "Madame Commissar", med  Konstfack CuratorLab och Tensta konsthall presenterar: Reading Aleksandra Kollontaj.

Stalins diplomat i Sverige överlevde trots sin ohälsa

Vallankumouksellinen. Aleksandra Kollontai ryhtyi kokopäivätoimiseksi kirjailijaksi ja vallankumoukselliseksi. Alexandra Kollontai. Alexandra Kollontai (1872-1952) was a significant figure in the Bolshevik party during the Russian Revolution. She became arguably the most influential female in the new Soviet society. Born Alexandra Domontovich in 1872, her father was a former tsarist general, her mother the daughter of a minor nobleman.

maaliskuuta (J: 19. maaliskuuta) 1872 Pietari – 9. maaliskuuta 1952 Moskova) oli venäläinen marxilainen kirjailija, feministi ja diplomaatti. Hänestä tuli maailman ensimmäinen naispuolinen diplomaattiedustaja vuonna 1923, kun 2021-03-27 Aleksandra Mikhaylovna Kollontai was a Russian revolutionary, feminist and the first Soviet female diplomat. Early years. Aleksandra Kollontai was born in St. Petersburg into the family of a Russian general and aristocrat, Mikhail Domontovich (a general in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 and the head of the chancellery of the Russian administration in Bulgaria from 1878-1879) and Aleksandra 2012-12-04 Alexandra Kollontai 1872-1952.